Summer Heat is Here

With the summer heat beating down on us I thought that I would take a moment to address the importance of proper care during hot spells.

The people most sensitive to extreme temperatures are the elderly, the sick, people with disabilities, people in precarious situations, young children, workers and sportsmen. Good information, appropriate behaviors and a few well-targeted measures can have a decisive influence.

But for those among us who have little influence on these factors the most important measures remain the regular access to medical professionals and monitoring. For at risk people who are housed in institutions such as those in assisted living or with family, their close supervision is critical. This includes access to food and hydration. Adequate activities as well as restrictions on physical activities. It particularly important to combat isolation (which affects all social strata) and to strengthen solidarity. During heat waves those in isolation are one of the most overlooked and at risk groups. When somebody is devoid of social contacts they can easily overlook the risk of dehydration, heat stroke, and risks the hot weather brings with it.

When you know somebody is in this situation – either in your family or neighborhood – make an effort to ensure that they are safe.

Heat brings many risks with it that are easily underestimated and overlooked.

Stay safe and cool.

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