Hello, hello!

I'm back after long weeks of absences on the blog! And Yes, as I was fortunate to have had a vacation, I took the opportunity to disconnect a little from the computer! And since I'm lucky to have strange schedules, I can resume my blogging habits this morning! I hope you have also been able to enjoy a few days of rest and maybe even sunshine!

For my part, you may know, my partner and I bought a house, so my little holiday allowed us to continue the landscaping work. Yes, Yes, Yes, I have the landscaping I always dreamed about! But we did things that were less enjoyable, like plumbing. And since we did not over spend on the project, we had a chance to quietly to enjoy a little time, with our parents at the lake. To occupy myself, I had planned some long overdue knitting, though I only got a little sewing done!

If you are a diligent and loyal reader (I ♥ you), you may remember that I am a beginner seamstress, with two dresses planned (adapted from a free pattern I got), some cushion covers and purse with a zipper that has caused me a lot of learning induced headaches!

Still During the time off, I attacked a much more difficult (for my level) project. A "simple" set of dresses with pliers, gathers, zipper and facings… A few months ago (I don't remember actually when), I had started a dress with my sister, who is super-big into sewing. Except that it had not been completed and that since then I have never had the courage to continue. Just the bodice seemed insurmountable when I was accompanied by my sister, so imagine, continuing on my own!

There is a world fabrics out there at I have barely begun to explore. Still I had already spotted a lot of beautiful fabrics that I wanted to try! I had taken a number of test pieces without thinking and now here I am, ready to launch (again) into some new projects!

My first solo attempt (a super simple dress) was a catastrophic experience! So I have chosen to ignore the attempt pretend like it didn't happen and will simply learn from the mistake.

I made my first attempt in a super smooth fabric, which had much to do with its failure, for that I learned not to complicate the task! I cried several times, my cat will testify to that!

So now I have decided to start over, with a new plan and avoid:

  • Super smooth fabric
  • I had planned a quick cut
  • I installed the hooks on the back upside down
  • I misunderstood the explanations of the facmenture
  • I did not pay attention, by overstitching then made it worse by trying to cut it open with scissors
  • I screwed up the installation of the zipper, which only opens about four inches out of twelve and was absolutely not straight

It sounds bad – it is not that bad, honestly, at least not in my eyes – just don't look too close!

This time will be better.

It allowed me to progress and learn from my mistakes!

The instructions on the pattern blog are helpful but they only add value if you are estimable, they don't seem to be written for beginners. The step by step for assembling the dress feels like pieces to a puzzle, which I still struggled to conceptualize the final result. Now I have followed along one and I understand better how the pieces fit together in relation to each other.

I don't think I'll ever install a zipper upside down again! In fact I watched a couple of videos which focused on sewing zippers in and one about replacing them, which I might do. It's embedded in my little brain!

Now I am ready.

In fact it is very motivating to set up a project a bit more complicated than what we know how to do, for one I find it much less boring!

Comeback soon for the continuation of my adventures in sewing!

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