Of Smart Pigs and Stupid People

Animal cruelty is something that people scoff at, they see it as a topic for PETA … and what do they think of PETA? Regardless of your opinion you should know that many criminals start abusing animals at a young age.

And why wouldn't they? They prey on the weak regardless of their victim.

So why is one accepted with an almost indifferent easiness and the other feared? Because they are less than human? Their intelligence is in question?


Hardly any animal is as underrated as the pig is but it is by far one of the most intelligent mammals. Pigs are as affectionate and friendly as dogs, they can even learn more commands than dogs and, of course, listen to their names. They recognize their reflection like dolphins and primates, have spatial understanding of their environment. On top of that they can smell and hear very well. Most people know little about these fascinating animals, except that they "taste good."

In fact, pigs are curious, sophisticated mammals thought to have intelligence beyond that of an average 3-year-old child.

Pigs are very social, prefer to live in the community, where there are strict rankings and if they are not slaughtered beforehand, they can live to 12 years.

That they like to roll in the mud, by the way but so do elephants; it serves to protect the skin from sunburn and insects in the summer just like elephants. Otherwise they pay attention to cleanliness, to the separation of living space and toilet when given the chance

Pigs are therefore neither dumb nor dirty, such properties occur more commonly in connection with certain people.

Not only as far as animal welfare is concerned, the cruel treatment of these animals says a lot about the state of our society.

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