Raising Brows

How many pallets make too many pallets? The answer is simple: we will never have too many because, let's face it, pallets we never have enough! According to this BBC article, it seems that our ancestors were of the same opinion, so no guilt: it has been fused into our genes for thousands of years.

Limiting the subject to palettes of eyeshadow alone I can count about thirty different harmonies to give carte blanche to my creativity.

I use them all regularly, combining the colors between them, but some, my favorites, I use them more often.

According to my personal experience, and in terms of pigmentation, I like Juvia's Place and Urban Decay.

From the first brand, I have four palettes: The Saharan and The Saharan II, The Nubian II and The Magic. The packaging is very original: very colorful and quite durable; the upper part is decorated with beautiful drawings of female figures of African origin, in all their splendor.

Urban Decay is my top, but it is also one that most people know. They have something for everyone and their pigmentation is usually very strong.

Nothing ruins your day more than apply weak eye shadow.

On my wishlist there is the Warrior palette from Juvia's and the Enchanted Glitter Palette from Ruby May Cosmetics but at the moment I have not made plans for any new purchases.

I'm also curious to test the palettes at Sephora Collection.


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