Oh So Smoothie

What isn't to love about smooth and creamy taste of a smoothie?! Their appeal to adults and children is undeniable.

And it is a healthy alternative for those of us who choose a healthy and active lifestyle and want to skip the soft drinks. It isn't hard either, many people love taking their vitamins in colorful glasses of what can only be described as a delicious to drink … especially in the summer.

And smoothies are so simple which is a part of their beauty. Fruit drinks made with just a couple of ingredients and the help of a blender.

Like a milkshake only healthier they are characterized by their dense and velvety structure… which is strictly sugar-free.

The rule for smoothie is a simple 3:1, which is 3 fresh fruits and 1 vegetable, plus ice to make the smoothie frothy.

You can then combine a other flavors or a spice … cinnamon, mint, ginger, coriander, turmeric are all common.

If you are hot and feeling a little lazy like I do at times you can choose from the juice or organic bars blooming up in LA, New York, Paris, and everywhere in-between.

For those who want to make them at home you can come up with your own delicious recipes using only the magic ration and your imagination … or go online and find inspiration for amazing creations.

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