Lemon, a suitable face cleaner?

My sister recently shared a recipe with me to clean my skin. She uses a lemon to clean her face.

Sice I love lemons and have never actually thought about using it was a facial cleanser … I gave it a try.

There are two ways to do this: either by using the juice itself or by gently using the peel; everything is useful and delicious when it comes to lemon.

By spreading the juice mixed with water on the face or rubbing the rest on the face (avoiding all sensitive places such as lips and eyes) it seems to clear the pours.

I have cleaned my face in the morning with a lemon and its pulp. The lemon juice can help if you have acne which I did when growing up. We tried all sorts of remedies but e never tried this. Nor can I attest to the usefulness of the cleanser/mask.

For people who have greasy faces it might help with exfoliation.

Here is how I used it. But you may come to better ideas. First, squeeze lemon juice on to a cotton pad, add a few drops of olive oil and apply them to your face.

I wonder if the oil could help with my wrinkles. I have experimented with using it in the when I am getting ready for bed, mainly as a cleanser to remove the rest of my makeup. One thing that I noticed is that it helped with unexpected pimples.

My sister mentioned that her friend uses it in her masks to fight acne since the acid is effective in cleaning the pores but I haven't tried that. Though you should really use lemons in moderation, as the acid can be harmful if you use too much which is one of the reasons why I only apply it gently and then rinse it off. A mask seems like it would have the potential to be too intense.

Though I have just experimented with it so far it may find a place in my beauty routine.

Who knows?

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